Sangle Group was founded in 1987, it is one of the earliest solar energy enterprises to realize industrialization in China. Adhering to the industrialized management and development strategy of green environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving, the company focuses on the market promotion of Sangle solar energy and Sangle electrical appliances which creates a one-stop integrated product and service platform for thousands of households to provide health, comfort and warmth. Since its inception 32 years ago, Sangle has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy, committed to the continuous innovation of new energy technologies and products, is the initiator and formulator of many industry standards in the field of new energy, and is a strong promoter of the development of the national new energy industry. Based on the appeal of Sangle brand, Sangle Group has formulated the brand development strategy of "Sangle Electrical Appliances", opened up a road of energy-saving electrical appliances with the characteristics of new energy industry, expanded its product management to green energy-saving products, focused on energy-saving electrical appliances, and laid out new home building materials and kitchen bathroom products in many fields. And in the industry, the Internet of Things "cloud platform" strategic layout has been initiated to accumulate strength and reserve momentum for enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Sangle is the leading enterprise in China's new energy industry, the director unit of China Solar Energy Thermal Utilization Industry Alliance, the director unit of China Rural Energy Industry Association's Solar Energy Thermal Utilization Professional Committee, the director of China Solar Energy Industry Alliance's Flat panel solar energy Professional Committee, and the president unit of Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association, all of which have high visibility and reputation at home and abroad.

Based on new energy technology and around the concept of "sunshine, air and water" of green environmental protection, Sangle covers photovoltaic power generation system, solar photothermal system, heat pump system, energy-saving appliances, kitchen and sanitary products, etc. Sangle products are widely used in residence, hotel, hospital, school, factory and other civil and commercial fields. There are tens of thousands of marketing outlets in China, and the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.